Soup of the day ..... 6.95

Our chef's freshly made soup of the day. Changes according to the season

French onion Soup au Gratin ..... 10.95

Hearty onion broth topped with cheese

Chili with cheese ..... 10.95

A healthy portion of our homemade chili spiced just right

Bruschetta ..... 8.95

Tomato, Basil, Goat Cheese, Garlic and Black Olives

Hot Garlic Bread

2 pieces ..... 2.95 • 4 pieces ..... 4.95 • 6 pieces ..... 6.95

Hot Garlic Cheese Bread

2 pieces ..... 4.95 • 4 pieces ..... 6.95 • 6 pieces ..... 8.95

Poutine ..... 9.95

Escargots a la Bourguignonne ..... 12.95

White wine and herbed garlic butter

Escargots au Gratin ..... 14.95

Three types of cheese

Smoked Salmon ..... 15.95

Thinly sliced accompanied by red onions, capers and green peppercorn

Shrimp Cocktail ..... 19.95

Served with our own tangy seafood sauce

Fresh Mussels ..... 15.95

With Tomato & Basil sauce or creamy roasted Garlic sauce

Paté Maison ..... 9.95

Served with homemade chutney

Pesto Shrimp ..... 19.95

Broiled tiger shrimp covered in pesto butter

Chicken wings ..... 16.95

Mild, Medium or Hot with a Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing

Nachos ..... 14.95

Tomato, onion, peppers, jalepenos, olives and melted cheese with sour cream & sundried Tomato Salsa

House Salad ..... 9.95

Served with a creamy sundried tomato and balsamic vinegar dressing topped with roasted pine nuts

Spinach Salad ..... 9.95

With Apple, Crispy Almonds & Tahini Vinaigrette

Caesar Salad ..... 10.95

Fresh crisp romaine lettuce, croutons and bacon bits tossed with our own zesty dressing

Seafood Caesar Salad ..... 24.95

Fresh crisp romaine lettuce, croutons and bacon bits tossed with scallops, shrimp and our own zesty dressing and topped with crab

Cajun Chicken and Mandarin Salad ..... 20.95

Served with a marmelade vinaigrette and Cashews

Tomato & Bocconcini Salad ..... 10.95

Fresh Basil and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

Side Orders

Garlic Dill Pickles ... 2.95 • Black “Kalamata” Olives ... 2.95

Tomato and Fresh Basil (Penne or Linguine) ..... 14.95

Mascarpone and Roasted Garlic (Penne or Linguine) ..... 15.95

Creamy Pesto (Penne or Linguine) ..... 15.95

Gorgonzola (Penne or Linguine) ..... 18.95

Grilled Chicken with choice of Pasta & Sauce ..... 21.95

Spicy Sausage with choice of Pasta & Sauce ..... 21.95

Seafood (Jumbo Shrimp, Crab, Scallops) with choice of Pasta & Sauce ..... 29.95

All Pastas include a piece of Garlic Bread

Prime Rib Roast Beef ..... 29.95 (8 oz.)   40.95 (12 oz.)

Specially aged, seasoned and slow oven roasted (available after 5pm and in limited quantities)

Hunt Club Steak ..... 40.95 (12 oz.)

A specially trimmed rib eye steak, cut to order

Steak and Garlic Shrimp ..... 46.95

A 10 oz. New York strip loin steak served with jumbo garlic shrimp

The Parsons Cut ..... 35.95 (10 oz.)   42.95 (14 oz.)

A boneless New York striploin cut and trimmed to either a 10 oz. portion or 14 oz. portion grilled to your liking

Mon Village Cut ..... 48.95 (16 oz.)

A superb rib eye steak, suggested to most people with a big appetite, this particular one is a delight

Pepper Steak ..... 37.95 (10 oz.)   44.95 (14 oz.)

Grilled New York strip loin steak topped with a black cracked peppercorn sauce. A treat for the most discerning palate

The Queen of the Cote ..... 34.95 (6 oz.)   44.95 (8 oz.)

The incomparable filet mignon at its finest served with a black cracked peppercorn sauce on the side. Excellent choice; either 5 oz. portion or 8 oz. portion.

Surf “N” Turf ..... 46.95

6oz filet mignon with shrimp, butterflied and lightly breaded with panko, served with a garlic herb butter.

Jumbo Butterfly Shrimp ..... 39.95

Succulent shrimp, light breaded with panko, butterfly style and served with a garlic herb butter.

Rack of Lamb ..... 46.95

Rack of lamb crusted with pistachio nuts and Dijon mustard, roasted in the oven and served with a fresh mint, honey and garlic mustard

Grilled to Perfection

Blue Rare: Cool, blue, all the way through  Medium Warm: Pink center
Rare: Cool center, bright red throughout  Medium Well Hot: Small trace of pink in the center
Medium Rare: Warm center, red throughout  Well Done Hot: Fully cooked throughout

Open Face Prime Rib ..... 22.95

Sliced prime rib on garlic bread covered with a bordelaise sauce

(available after 5pm and in limited quantities)

Hamburger Steak ..... 20.95

Grilled 8 oz. Hamburger steak topped with fried onions with a bordelaise sauce

Chicken Teriyaki ..... 18.95

Boneless chicken breasts, grilled and brushed with teriyaki sauce

B.B.Q. Ribs and a Boneless Chicken Breast ..... 27.95

Served with a zesty homemade barbecue sauce

B.B.Q. Ribs ..... 28.95

Oven roasted then grilled and covered in barbecue sauce

Coquille Mon Village au Gratin ..... 29.95

Jumbo Shrimp, scallops and haddock in a white wine sauce, garlic and sautéed mushrooms, smothered in cheese

Chicken Brochette ..... 22.95

Tender pieces of chicken breast, lightly marinated in a special blend of spices

Breaded Chicken Parmesan ..... 21.95

Breaded chicken breast baked with tomato sauce topped with mozzarella cheese

Atlantic Salmon ..... 29.95

Poached, grilled or Cajun style served with sweet chili sauce or a honey dill butter

Ginger Beef Stir Fry ..... 19.95

Strips of sirloin sautéed in soya and fresh ginger with seasonal vegetables served on a bed of rice

Side Orders

Pepper Sauce ... 1.95 • Teriyaki Sauce ... 1.95 • Mushrooms for two ...5.95

Fish and Chips ..... 19.95

Made with our own homemade beer batter, tartar sauce and lemon

Grilled Hamburger .... 17.95   (with cheddar cheese & bacon) .... 18.95

Homemade open face hamburger, tomato, lettuce and onion, fries and coleslaw

Grilled Chicken Sandwich .... 18.95   (with cheddar cheese & bacon) .... 19.95

Open-face grilled chicken, tomato, lettuce and onions, fries and coleslaw

Roast Beef Dip ..... 18.95

Thinly sliced roast beef served with beef broth for dipping

Steak Sandwich ..... 19.95

New York steak trimmed to perfection, fries and coleslaw

Chicken Fingers and Chips ..... 17.95

Served with a honey and dijon sauce

Reuben Sandwich on a pretzel bun ..... 19.95

Sliced beef brisket served on a garlic pretzel bun, topped with sauerkraut and swiss cheese

Filet Melt ..... 20.95

Cubes of broiled Filet Mignon, sautéed onions, topped with swiss cheese served on a bun